Who is the Best Counsellor in India ?


Therapy will facilitate improving symptoms of the many mental state conditions. In therapy, individuals will learn to deal with symptoms that will not reply to treatment promptly. analysis shows the advantages of medical care last longer than medication alone.

Medication will scale back some symptoms of mental state conditions, however medical care teaches individuals skills to handle several symptoms on their own. These skills last when medical care ends, and symptoms might still improve with therapist bit bases.

The fee, we tend to discover, can not be used as AN indicator of qualifications as a result on average, skilled therapists charge anyplace between Rs 500 to Rs 5,000 per 45-minute session. Fees at charitable centres trickle right down to a mere Rs five per session.


Here are several advantages of therapy:

You’ll learn a lot about yourself. Therapists hear your story and assist you to build connections. they could provide steering or recommendations if you are feeling lost. medical care will empower you to require action on your own.

Therapy will assist you to come through your goals. If you are positive about what your goals are, medical care will assist you to clarify them and set realistic steps to satisfy them.

Therapy will assist you to have a lot of fulfilling relationships. whether or not you’re single or in an exceeding relationship, medical care will assist you to address difficulties concerning others, like insecurity in relationships or problem trusting your partners.

You’re a lot of possibilities to possess higher health. the analysis supports a link between mind and body health. Untreated mental state problems will impact physical health. On the opposite hand, individuals with smart emotional health could also be a lot of ready to touch upon physical health problems that arise.

Therapy will cause improvement in all told areas of life. If you are feeling like one thing is holding you back from living life as you envision it, medical care will assist you to address this. once you aren’t positive about what’s keeping you from creating modification, medical care will assist you to discover the solution.

An average medical care session would price you one thing between Rs,000-Rs 3000 per session.

If you decide on a domestic entity, private sector entities and freelance therapists charge between Rs 800-2,500 per session. solely when 2 to 3 months of consistent medical care would the patient see any results. However, the prices are too high in touch.

Most therapists can raise their rates as they gain expertise and experience. therefore usually (but not always) if a healer is charging a lot, it’s as a result of they need years of shopper work behind them and area unit a specialist with bound problems. Education and training also can be an element. Who is the best counsellor in India.


Are there any thanks for getting free therapy?

Community centres, hospitals, schools, and places of worship generally provide free or cheap counselling. several community organizations conjointly host peer-support teams (groups surpass individuals facing similar issues) and recovery teams which might give further care.


Is counselling well worth the money?

It will improve the behaviours and emotions that area unit negatively impacting your mental state. It conjointly leads to less incapacity and fewer sick days, which could be ready to offset the particular price for a few individuals. several feel the money they pay on their medical care is well well worth the investment.


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